I Good morning Mr. Shylock, I’m a journalist of the Etwinning  Magazine and I would like to ask you a few questions regarding your trial. Can you give me a little of your time?

Shylock: Dear, take a seat, I have all the time you need. Nobody has come  to see me since I was kicked off by the Jewish Community.

I: What was the motivation that pushed you ask Antonio for a pound of his flesh?

Shylock: The answer is very easy: revenge. No Christian has ever felt  sympathy for me. Why should I feel it ? They  have disgraced me, laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my business. Why? Because I'm a Jew.

I: I understand. During the trial why didn't you accept Bassanio's proposition to receive 6,000 ducats? Why did you prefer to take Antonio’s flesh no matter what ?

Shylock: I said that if he didn't give me back my ducats before the deadline I would take one pound of his flesh and I never come back on what I've said.

I: How did you feel during the trial?

Shylock: Initially I thought that the law would be on my side, but when a young lawyer arrived everything changed. He was able to find the quibble that  destroyed my life and I think that it is only another confirmation of the difference between Jews and Christians. A Christian would never have received the same treatment.

I: I know what you mean. To conclude I would like to ask you some questions about your daughter Jessica. Are you okay with that?

Shylock: Totally, go ahead.

I: What kind of relationship do you have with your daughter Jessica now?

Shylock: Don't even get me started on her because I could seem a heartless man. She was all that I had but she has betrayed my trust escaping with that bastard Christian. She took with her all my possessions and the ring of my dead wife.

I: How did you feel when she left home ?

Shylock: I was thinking about my ducats, if she left home it's her choice she's a woman she doesn't really need me. I've told her to stay at home but she didn't.

I: Thank you for answering, Shylock! It was a pleasure meeting you.

Written by Sara Baldan, Clarissa Costantini, Aurora Righeto, Eva Martins, Laura Mitterand

I’m in Venice to interview Shylock, the main character of "The Merchant of Venice" written by Shakespeare.

Our venue is a cosy cafeteria not far from St Mark’s Square.



The merchant of Venice

Good morning people! Today we are going to interview Antonio, one of the main characters of “The Merchant of Venice.”

J: Hi Antonio, are you ready to start the interview?

A: Hi everybody! Yes I am.

J: What did you feel for Bassanio? You risked your life for him!

A: I feel a lot of love for him, and that's why I got into debt with Shylock, but I certainly did not think of risking so much! 

J: If you went back, would you do it again?

A: Of course! For him I would have risked everything.

J: Wow, I see that you care about him, but do you think your behaviour with Shylock was correct?

A: The behaviour I had was normal, I do not think I did anything wrong. Indeed, he behaved badly to me, he wanted to kill me!

J: Don’t you think you humiliated him? On several occasions you called him names...

A: He deserved everything I said. The Jews are only thinking about money.

J: Don’t you think that Shylock in Court only wanted to have justice for him and his people?

A: I don’t think so. He just wanted to kill me! Bassanio was willing to give him more money than he had lent me, but he did not accept. He hates me, he hates Christians, and he wanted to kill me. In the end, he received only what he deserved.

J: And now do you not care if Shylock does not have a home? If he can no longer practise his religion? That he cannot see his daughter?

A: No, I don’t care. 

J: Okay, last question, now that everything is settled, that you are alive and Bassanio has managed to get married, what do you think you will do?

A: I just want to enjoy the rest of my life with tranquillity, and give thanks to God for saving me.

J: Thank you so much for your availability, Antonio! Goodbye and see you in Venice soon!

Written by Beatrice Barolo, Alice. Carraro, Andrea . Mazziotti, Silvia Trolese

Antonio: Hello! Today I am going to ask Antonio questions. He is one of the main characters of the film. So I have some questions to ask him:                                       

I= interviewer ; A= Antonio

I -Hello Antonio!


I -Why did you spit to Shylock's face at the beginning of the film?

A -I spat on Shylock's face because he is Jewish and in this time the Jews are not respected.

I  -Are you in love with Bassanio? Or are you just friends?

A  -Yes I'm in love with Bassanio.

I - Are you really nice in the film or not?

A -I think that I am a good person who follows his heart, but it's right that I have some defects...

I -Like everybody! What are yours?

A -Yes of course! I am an egoist because I think and act for my interests and for these of Bassanio.

QI-Okay. I think we can stop here, thank you for your answer! Goodbye.

A -Thank you!

Written by Adriana Navarre, Anaëlle Morgand


I Hi Portia! We are ready to start the interview, we hope you are ready too! Where do you come from?

P come from Belmonte which is a small village near Bassano del Grappa.

I Why do you love Bassanio?

PI’ m in love with Bassanio because he’s a charming man, he’s strong and because he makes me feel good.

I Do you think that intelligence is the most important thing of life?

P Certainly intelligence is important but I think that there are a lot of other important things. Intelligence is not all.

I Are you proud of yourself?

P Yes, I’m very proud of myself, of my strengths and of my attitude.

I Why did you choose to disguise yourself as a male lawyer?

P Because only in that way I manage to save Antonio.

I Do you think that Bassanio had a right attitude to you?

P I think that Bassanio sometimes had a right attitude to me, but other times he was wrong.

I How were you able to read the charter over the lines like nobody had done it before?

P Because I’m a precise person, I notice every little detail.

I How important is the use of cunning?

P believe that the use of cunning is very important: with cunning you can do anything!

I  I am sorry, Portia. But time is up. Thanks for answering our questions.

P It's been my pleasure. Thank you. Good bye.

Written by Elisa Bernardi, Gaia Santello, Alessandra Zilio

Hello Portia, thank you for accepting our invitation and for answering our questions. Are you ready to start the interview ?

I= Interviewer                      P=Portia

I: First of all, I wanted to ask you what you think of Antonio and your husband's relationship ?

P: I think that Antonio and Bassanio are too close, it worries me ... but I think it’s mostly Antonio who want this closeness and not Bassanio.

I: Were you happy that Bassanio opened the right chest ?

P: I was so happy and reassured that it was not the others, I didn’t want to spend my life with a person that I don’t love. They were so disgusting…

I: How did you feel when you were disguised as a judge at the court ? Was it stressful ?

P: The atmosphere was very heavy and dense. There was around twenty or thirty people in the room and it seemed like that everyone was stressed. I think that we weren't stressed for the same reasons but the judgment was frightening for everybody. I, personally, was afraid that Shylock took a piece of Antonio's flesh in front of us and that we attended his death. I didn't want to experience this.

I: What was you first impression when you saw Shylock ?

P: When I saw Shylock for the first time, I already knew that he was special. He didn't act like a normal person. For example, I suggested to him that Antonio paid him but he refused. Who would refuse that much money ? This is insane ! Behind his attitude and his arrogance I knew that he was stressed, just like me.

I: Were you heart-broken when Bassanio gave you the ring (when you were a judge) or did you understand his gesture ?

P: I think that he did the right choice but I admit that it deeply broke my heart. I was, of course, really mad at him but he did this to express his gratitude. After some consideration, I think that his gesture was very humble and honorable. When he came back, he told me that he was madly in love with me and that he never wanted to hurt me. I couldn't be mad at my husband after this. I accepted his apologies and decided to give him another chance because he is a human being and everyone make mistakes.

I: Do you plan to have children soon ? Are you excited about it ?

P: Bassanio would love to be a father but I think that I am not ready yet. In a few years maybe ? I would adore to be a mother but, for now, I don't really think about it. Bassanio and I don't talk about this often, it's not our priority and we want to enjoy our life before having children.

I: Thank you for answering to our questions, it was really interesting !

P: Your welcome ! It was a real pleasure.

Written by Justine Normant, Ulysse Pijollet, Sabrina Abdelli & Elise Bisson.

Portia is interviewed by Shakespeare in a Chat Show

Hello everyone! Today, we are with the famous heiress Portia, from Belmont, who has done a very long journey to come here today. Welcome to our chat show, Portia. How do you feel today?

- Portia: Thanks. Well, could we go fast? I have some suitors outside I have to deal with.

- Shakespeare: Oh… sure. Then, first question. A few followers of the program have requested us to ask you about Bassanio and…

- Portia: Ah, so this vulgar program even has followers… Follow me on my social networks, I’m portia.13 on instag

- Shakespeare: CAN WE FOCUS on the interview, please?

- Portia: Wow, what a killjoy!

- Shakespeare: So, after that UNNECESSARY break… First question: how was your first impression about Bassanio?

- Portia: Who?

- Shakespeare: Your husband.

- Portia: Oh… that loser. I don’t even know how could I be married to such a miserable man. Not to mention his horrible super-man underpants. We broke after the incident with the ring and all that story. Now I’m lesbian.

- Shakespeare: Honestly, I think that the world will end up being dominated by gays.

- Portia: I hope so.

- Shakespeare: Next question: What did you think about the incident with Bassanio and the ring? Did it hurt you?

- Portia: I didn’t even care. I didn’t get angry with him or anything.

- Shakespeare: Ohh, so you’re such an understanding person.

- Portia: No. I didn’t care because it wasn’t a real ring. It was a candy ring a woman was giving for free in the middle of the street.

- Shakespeare: Don't waste your time. One thing I'm interested about is, how did you feel when you played the role of a lawyer?

- Portia: Well, the truth is that I'm such a good actress. That was nothing to me. I have films all around the world. HOLLYWOOD LOVES ME. Did you see my film Bad Girls? I filmed with Lindsey Lohan, now we are best friends. I have a new project next Saturday, PORTIA'S LIFE is my new work of art, It was directed by me, produced by me, and the best thing is... IT'S ABOUT ME!

- Shakespeare: Wow, unexpected. I think It's time to say goodbye Portia, we have no more time.

- Portia: Go and see it. Everyone. It's the best thing you'll do in your insignificant life. And follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram, I HAVE TINDER TOO.

- Shakespeare: SECURITY!

- Portia: PLEASE, I NEED SOMEONE TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH. (*Security enters and takes her out*) It's dark outside, love of my life can you hear me? I'm waiting for you...

- Shakespeare: She's insane... And that's all for today! See you next Friday at 16:00 as every week


Written by Mar Maloney and Beatriz Triviño


Well, we are here today with Lyn Collins one of the protagonists of "The Merchant of Venice" a movie full of drama, romance and disputes in between. Lyn plays "Portia", a princess who seeks true love.

The actress playing Portia

R= Reporter L= Lynn Collins

R- How has your experience been in this role?

L-It has been incredible to make this princess named Portia. She reminded me a lot of my childhood when I wanted to be a princess but what I like most about her is that she is very brave and although she is afraid sometimes, she has a lot of courage to face the challenges or problems that are coming.

R- What topics do you think is trying to represent this movie?

L- Well I think that mainly racism,  and also justice.

R-What is your opinion on these issues?

l-The truth seems to me that a film like this represents the racism that happened  centuries ago, which, sincerely, was worse than now, and  like justice, because always won those who had more money.

R-How did you get the role?

L-JAJAJA, this is very funny, because it turns out that I was not going to present myself to the casting for this film but just the director of the movie saw me performing a play, then they contacted me and told me that he wanted me to do the casting,  which I accepted and I got it!!!

R-What did you think of the dress?

L-Wow, it was beautiful, because as they were of these typical dresses of princesses from the XVth or XVIth centuries; they are beautiful although a little uncomfortable because they had many things put on top like the corset, etc.

R-What do you think about your role as "Portia"?

L-Mmm, it is incredible of course, because it is a woman who struggles to get what she wants, that is not fooled by anyone but rather deceives people to achieve their purposes as when she does everything possible to not marry until she knows Bassanio or when he dresses as a man to help Bassanio's friend, Antonio.

R-Do you feel identified with her?

L-Well, I think so because she is also very rebellious and that is my nature too. But I would like to be like her because she is very brave before everything and never gives up until she does not get it. She is an incredible woman.

R-How did you feel when doing a man in this movie?

L-Well, the truth was very funny, I liked it a lot, because I had to put the serious voice more than I already had it and although my moustache itched, that was the funniest thing-  sincerely, it was unforgettable, something that I will always love and which I hope will be repeated on some other occasion.

R- Well thank you very much for everything, Lyn, it's been a great pleasure to do this interview and have known you a little more.

L-Oh, no thank you very much to you and as always send many kisses to my fans and tell them to go see the movie because it is great and you will have a lot of fun.

Written by Celia Munuera and Nayelly Castillo


Fiennes playing Bassanio

Journalist : Hello Mister Fiennes, are you available right now? I would like to ask you some questions?

Fiennes : Hi, yes of course!

Journalist : So you are acting Bassanio in the movie. Can you tell us what you like about acting Bassanio?

Fiennes : I like Bassanio's character because he has a very important role in the movie. He is really clever and I like the love story between Portia and him. I know it's sounds a little bit cliche but Bassanio gave everything for his love.

Journalist : Would you change something about Bassanio if you could?

Fiennes : If I could change something, I would change his suggestible side like when he gives the ring to the lawyer because Antonio convinced him. Portia told him to always keep the ring and he broke this promise. In my opinion Bassanio is persuaded very easily.

Journalist : Who is you favorite character - apart from Bassanio?

Fiennes : My favorite character is Antonio because he is very generous, he doesn't hesitate to lend money even if he has to give one pound of flesh as interest to Shylock. I think he is a very good friend because he will do anything to help Bassanio. I also like Shylock because he wants to fight against racism.

Journalist : If you could choose another character who would you take?

Fiennes : Maybe I would take Antonio's character for all the reasons that I told you but I see myself in Bassanio.

Journalist : Have you ever read other plays by Shakespeare? Which one is your favorite?

Fiennes : Yes I have read Romeo and Juliet many times and this is definitely my favorite so far.

Journalist : Have you ever acted in other movies by Michael Radford?

Fiennes : No I haven't this is my first one.

Journalist : Did you like acting in this movie?

Fiennes : Yes because I like the fact that this movie denounces racism between religions. I think this movie is a kind of message to people to stop making differences between them and to accept everyone. Moreover  Michael Radford is a very good director and the cast was very professional.

Journalist : What do you like about the story of The Merchant of Venice?

Fiennes : As I said before, I like the lesson that the story teaches us. In the movie Shylock is the one who wants to reunite people and that's what I like about him.

Journalist : Fine ! Thank you a lot Mister Fiennes for the time that you gave us!

Written by: Emma Trevet Quemener, Alexandra Levy, Evianah Valoo, Milica Kostovic



D Ladies and gentlemen, Al Pacino! Thank you for coming. It’s always a pleasure to have you here! (AUDIENCE APPLAUSES)
A Thanks, it’s good to see you too, David!
D How are you doing? We haven’t seen each other for a long time.
A Well it’s true, I mean, I’ve been working on a new film and it’s hard to get some free time during the shooting, you know.
D Ah, really? What’s the title? Can you tell us or is it a secret?
AWell, the title is The Merchant of Venice and the whole movie was shot in Venice. It’s a beautiful city. Have you ever been to Venice, David?
D Twice with my family, and I agree with you, it’s a charming city. Thank you for asking. So what is this film all about?  What’s the plot? Tell us more!
A Well, actually I‘m not allowed to talk about this film, you know, the film director could sue e,(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Just kidding… The story is based on Shakespeare’s play, it is about a Venetian merchant who borrows money from a usurer to give it to his friend who wants to try to get engaged to a noble woman.
D Ah terrific! What is your character? Are you the merchant?
A. Actually, I’m not, I’m the usurer. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING)
D Do you think you’re gonna be nominated for an Oscar?
A.Well, no, I mean….. it would be haughty to say so, I think I’ve done a good performance, though.
D But you are Al Pacino! Come on! You played Micheal Corleone in The Godfather in a majestic way!(AUDIENCE APPLAUSES)
A Thank you thank you.
D When will the film be released?
A I don’t know for sure, it may be released on the 26th of April.
D The day after your birthday? Are you going to celebrate?
A I guess like the other birthdays; with my family as always. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING)
D Well, thank you for your time and good luck with your new film.
A Thank you very much,  David.
D Ladies and gentlemen Al Pacino! (AUDIENCE APPLAUSES) 

Written by Mauro Donolato, Riccardo Minghetti, Cristian Sarto, Vittorio Smajato

Al Pacino


Today we have a meeting with Eleonora Marchiori, a young theatre actress

Eleonora Marchiori

I: Hi Eleonora, I'm a journalist of the Etwinning Magazine and I'd like to know you better.

Eleonora: Good Morning, you can ask me what you want.

I: What was the motivation that pushed you in the acting world?

Eleonora: There isn't just only one motivation but every day I find a new reason to act. Quoting my Drama teacher: "If you want to be an actor you are not normal because you want to be watched by everyone. You have to have a very strong reason to do it."

I: When did you start acting?

Eleonora: I started acting when I attended the high school Liceo Galileo Galilei in Dolo, near Venice, and I was in a theatre group. At the end of each year I performed in front of the other students. I really liked it, it was great fun.

I: I'm also writing an article about “The Merchant of Venice”. Have you seen the movie?

Eleonora: Yes, I have. It's one of my favourite Shakespearean plays.

I: Very well. Which character would you like to act in the play?

Eleonora: I'd like to play the part of Shylock's daughter because she's a rebel and she wants to conquer her freedom.

I: Thank you for everything, it has been a pleasure, Eleonora.

Eleonora: Thanks to you, goodbye.

Written by Sara Baldan, Clarissa Costantini, Aurora Righetto



Photo of Michael Radford

E.A: Hello, I am a journalist and I'm very pleased to meet you. I came here to interview you, are you available?

M.R: Yes, you came at the right time! In this case, I'll do my best to answer rightly to your questions.

E.A: All right! I wanted to ask you how came the idea to remake this acknowledged theatre play?

M.R: I watched this play many times because it's one of my favourites and hence I thought it could be interesting to adapt this play in movie.

E.A: Well! Have you read other plays from this writer? And if you did would you like to adapt plays in movies among the ones you read?

M.R: Honestly, I don't think so. To my mind this play has something more than the others. Especially the final twist with Portia who decided to dress up as a lawyer.

E.A: Well, I agree with you. The final twist is unexpected and this scene is fabulous and unique because of its scenography. Have you already adapted theatre plays by other writer? If you did can you tell me about it please? 

M.R: In fact, I already adapted a book in movie.

E.A: Aren't you talking of the novel entitled The White Mischief written by James Fox that you adapted in movie in 1988?

M.R: Indeed, I mean I readapted this novel in movie because I really enjoyed the novel's plot.

E.A: Okay! I wanted to ask you one last question: do you have any future projects in the world of cinema? If you have can you tell me more about it or are you trying to keep it hidden from public view?

M.R: Yes, I mean I have to maintain the suspense to make them want to see it. My next movie will be released in 2019 but don't worry I will make sure that you enjoy the film. In this case, I hope to see you soon for another interview.

E.A: So do I. Enjoy your day Mr. Radford

Written by Elisa Abbou


Photo of Zuleikha Robinson playing the part of Jessica

Mélanie: Hello everyone, today , I'm going to interview the beautiful and gorgeous actress Zuleikha Robinson. She played the role of Jessica in The Merchant of Venice directed by Michael Radford. So, hi Zuleikha, how are you, today ?

Zuleikha: Hi! I'm fine and very happy to be here, thank you very much. How are you ?

Mélanie: Ya! I'm fine too, thank you! So are you ready to answer ?

Zuleikha: Yes, I think so, no I'm sure! (laugh) Go ahead !!

Mélanie: Ok! So Let's go ! So tell me about your role in the movie. Did you like to interpret Jessica in the movie?

Zuleikha: Yes, of course! I loved being in the skin of Jessica in the movie. And what a coincidence, Jessica is my favourite character in The Merchant of Venice. So, yes I enjoyed being her!

Mélanie: That's great! Have Jessica and Zuleikha some common points ?

Zuleikha: (laugh) Oh , Yes! We share a lot of common points! In real life, I, Zuleikha, have always been shy.

Mélanie: No, that's not true!

Zuleikha: Yes, yes it's true! I have always been someone quiet, shy and reserved. So, I already share a common point with Jessica! So yes, there are still so many things that make us not so different.

Mélanie: Waouw! It's incredible! So, didn't you find your role too difficult ? You found it easy ?

Zuleikha: Mmm.... (thinking) Indeed, the fact that I share common points with Jessica allowed me to interpret it very easily. I have well incarnated. However, we can't say that it was very easy because Jessica is a character who is overwhelmed with emotions. She feels and exudes feelings. She feels love and on the other hand she doesn't know what to do with her father. She doesn't know how to handle him. So, we can't say that it was always easy.

Mélanie: Ok! I can understand that it was difficult because being an actor and to play a character is not a simple thing. So, Zuleikha, tell me about your co-stars, directors, the persons who supported you and the whole team with whom you worked?

Zuleikha: Yes, of course without my directors, the person who make me up  everyday and the persons who supported me, there would not have been such an excellent result! So thank you very much to the whole team. And of course, my co-stars! They are very professional and very nice. I made lots of new friends and I enjoyed working with them a lot ! And finally, I have to thank my fans also, they are numerous and they are always supporting me. So thank you very much for all your love!

Mélanie: Thank you, Zuleikha! It was very sweet of you to answer to my questions. Hope you make a beautiful career! Good luck for the future! See you soon! Bye!

Zuleikha: Thank you very much, see you soon! Bye!

Written by Mélanie Anton


Picture of Giulia

When did you get the diploma from our school?

I got it six years ago, in 2012


What course had you chosen?

I had chosen the course called “Erica”: the main subjects were languages, we learned three (English, German and Spanish) and Business Economics. I think that the course you are attending, “International Relations for Marketing” corresponds to mine.   


When did you start becoming interested in Hebrew and the Jewish culture?

After a Geography lesson in the 4th Year, during which the teacher taught us about Israel. Later, at university, I became more interested in the cultural aspects, the religion and the traditions of Jewish people.


What university did you attend?

Ca’ Foscari University, in Venice, where I studied Hebrew and Arabic. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Hebrew.


Is Hebrew hard to learn?

Yes, it is. It is hard starting from the alphabet and the vocabulary, and also from the way Hebrew is written, from the right to the left. Its grammatical structure is difficult too because, of course, it is very different from the structure of our language.


Have you ever been to Israel?

Yes, I have. I have been there twice, each time for ten days, which helped me a lot to learn new words faster.


What are you doing now? Are you still studying?

I have been working in a manufacturing industry for just a few months. I use foreign languages every day in my work place, at the moment I am using English and Spanish to communicate with our customers and also to translate websites and catalogues.


Can you tell us something about the history of the Ghetto?

Yes, of course. It was founded in 1516, when the number of Jews who had taken refuge in Venice had grown so much that the government of Venice decided to move them to a part of the city which was called “Ghetto” (which means “foundry”). As you could see in “the Merchant of Venice” , the ghetto was locked every night to prevent the Jews from escaping; but living inside the Ghetto was also a way to feel protected from aggression and persecution.

In comparison to other countries, the government of Venice was more open-minded, but a sort of racism was exercised anyway. In fact Jews had to wear a red hat to be recognized and they were called “infect”.


Have you met any survivors of the Holocaust?

No, I have never got the chance to meet one.


Have you read or seen “The Merchant of Venice”?

I haven’t  read the play yet but I’ve seen the movie.


What are your hobbies?

I like theatre and I love acting, I am also a member of the theatre company of the university of Padua. I have performed in various plays, also with the role of the protagonist. I also performed in a remake of “Hannah and her sisters” based on the movie by Woody Allen...Generally speaking, my favorite play is the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”, which I would see again and again


It’s been a great pleasure meeting you, Giulia. Congrats on you good command of English!

You are welcome! It’s been my pleasure, too.

An ex student of Maria Lazzari High School, who is a graduate in Hebrew, has visited us

Portia's portrait